Bobj Rugged Case for Dell Venue 8 PRO (only Pro Models 5830 and 3845) Windows 8 Tablet and Dell Venue 8 Android Model 3840 – BobjGear Protective Tablet Cover – (Batfish Blue)


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This is an advanced design, high quality, protective silicone case for the Dell Venue 8 PRO (only Pro Models 5830 and 3845) Windows 8 Tablet and Dell Venue 8 Android Model 3840 (not for Dell Venue 8 Android Model 3830, or Dell 5855.). This is not a thin “skin”. This superior heavy duty case has been custom designed by Bobj for your Dell Venue 8 PRO, to provide all around drop protection and shock absorption. The colorful and stylish case allows easy use of all functions of your Dell Venue 8 PRO, and the snug fit and rounded frame of the case makes the tablet easier to hold. This case includes custom designed cooling vents which promote air flow. The speaker chamber redirects the sound toward the user, providing enhanced listening. The directional microphone opening captures the speaker’s voice while minimizing noise from other directions. The slots for SIM and Micro-SD are intentionally covered. This was the preference of Dell Venue 8 PRO owners who participated in the design, and indicated they rarely remove the cards and preferred they were protected. The Bobj Rugged Case comes in both bright and business appropriate colors. All Bobj Cases are made from a high quality, FDA Food Grade silicone formula. Bobj Cases are easy to maintain. Wash with mild hand soap and water, and dry with a lint free cloth. The ease of cleaning, plus the rugged design and snug fit makes these cases both kid-friendly, and suitable in harsh environments. Bobj Cases are currently used in US and UK, and European Union school systems, and by professional businesses, but mostly by everyday tablet owners looking to protect their valuable investment. The Dell Venue 8 PRO is not included with the purchase of this case.

  • Rugged high quality design throughout provides greater drop protection than “skins”. Kid friendly. Easy to clean, Food Grade silicone.
  • Protective top bezel, rounded edges and corners, includes added protection for tablet’s cameras, and mic. Makes the Dell Venue 8 PRO easier to hold and operate.
  • This Bobj Case includes a speaker chamber which provides enhanced sound . The custom designed air cooling vents promote air flow.
  • Specifically designed to accommodate all the Dell Venue 8 PRO Tablet’s ports and switches. (SIM and Micro-SD are covered for protection.)
  • This case does not fit other Windows 8 Tablet models with 8-inch screen size. This is a Bobj custom design for the Dell Venue 8 PRO Windows 8 Tablet, and Dell Venue 8 Android Model 3840. (This case does not fit the Dell Venue 8 Android Tablet 3830, or Dell 5855..)