Does Your Tablet Do What You Want?

The tablet has quickly become the go-to tool for users of all ages. Grownups can do their business chores, and children can play and learn. The possibilities are, truly, endless. In this post, you’ll learn some great tips to help you get the most out of the potential possibilities of this great gadget.

The latest operating system for the tablet supports folders. To use, hold down your finger on the app you want until it moves, drag that app atop another icon, and finally, let it go. This will create a folder that holds both apps with a name that describes the category the apps fall under. Also, you can rename the folder to increase your level of personalization.

You can get to all of your active apps easily on your tablet. Double-clicking on the Home key shows all open apps at once. You may switch to another running app, just by tapping that app in that bar. Just swipe downwards on the screen to remove it.

Your password information can be protected by setting it to erase if someone enters it incorrectly a certain number of times. Your phone will be wiped if there are 10 failed login attempts.

To get a copy of the user’s manual, download one for free. Android doesn’t include manuals with their products in order to maintain a minimalistic image.

The alert every time you have an incoming email can be very annoying. You can turn this notification off. Start by going to Setting and General. Tap Sounds. You may turn off the New Mail sound, or lower its volume.

You can now quickly mute your tablet. When iPads were first out, there weren’t any buttons on it specifically for mute. Once iOS 4.3 came out, there was an option added where your lock switch can mute the sound. If you want to mute the sound, just hold down the volume-down button.

There is an Spotify store on your tablet, and there is actually quite a bit to it. One of the more interesting is Spotify U, or Spotify University. In this section, you will find a lot of educational presentations that are very helpful.

This article will teach you about how this versatile tool can help you. Expand the potential and try new things. When you learn all you can about it, you will see how great it really is.