Gomadic Global Home Wall AC Charger designed for the Worryfree Gadgets ZeePad with Power Sleep technology – supports worldwide wall outlets and voltage levels – designed with Gomadic TipExchange


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Let us face it. There is already enough stress with international travel than to be worrying about damaging your Worryfree Gadgets ZeePad by using a cheap, mismatched wall charger. Put a 110v charger in a 220v outlet and you risk damage to your device, charger or both instantaneously! Thank goodness Gomadic has taken the worry out of the equation with its unique International Travel Wall AC Charger specifically made for the Worryfree Gadgets ZeePad. Designed to not only support wall outlets worldwide, the Gomadic International Wall charger also supports all international voltage levels, thus removing all the guesswork. Built using new, state of the art circuitry in power regulation and distribution, this Gomadic Charger will safely, securely and rapidly keep your Worryfree Gadgets ZeePad charged and ready to go regardless of where you are in the world. Toss in our upgradeable TipExchange Technology and Gomadic Lifetime Warranty and this product really stands alone.

  • This Gomadic Charger supports all global power standards with 100-240 VAC input voltage range. Kit includes four plugs to support every physical wall outlet permutation worldwide.
  • Power Sleep”” cuts latent power draw by over 99% when charger is not in use. Charger will use less than 0.1W of power when in “”ready state”” mode.
  • Advanced circuitry provides tailors output voltage and resistor ID configuration to the Worryfree Gadgets ZeePad extending usable battery life and longevity.
  • Protects the Worryfree Gadgets ZeePad from power surges, overcharging and short-circuiting with advanced internal circuitry. Improves battery lifecycle.
  • Removable outlet plug system rapidly converts the Worryfree Gadgets ZeePad to charge in any physical outlet socket worldwide. Miniaturized advanced power circuit results in a surprisingly powerful charger for its size.