MoKo Dragon Touch Y88X / JYJ 7 inch Case – Kids Shock Proof Convertible Handle Light Weight Super Protective Stand Cover for JYJ Android Google Tablet PC, Dragon Touch Y88X and Yuntab Q88 Tablet, BLUE


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ONLY compatible with the following 7″ tablets:

Alldaymall A88X 7″/ Alldaymall 7 Inch, Afunta 7-Inch Allwinner A13 A33 Q88, Afunta Q88 III 7 inch Tablet, AGPtek 7 inch 2014 New 4.2 Dual Core Tablet
BTC Flame 7 inch Tablet
COLAPAD 7″ A23, Condroid 7″ GMS /Condroid X7, Contixo LA703 7″ Tablet PC
Dragon Touch 7″ Y88X Plus / Y88X / Y88, A13, Q88, Y88X Plus, DanCoTek 7″ Quad Core A33, DeerBrook 7″ A23
FastTouch(TM) 7 inch Android Tablet, FONESO Ultrathin 7″(HH017 A23 & HH088 A33)
Gooweel Q8hd 7″ A33, Haehne 7 Inch Allwinner A33 M7404/M7409/M7412
iROLA DX758 Tablet PC, iRulu: iRulu 7 inch/iRulu 4Th Generation Q8 7″, IRULU eXpro Mini 7″, IRULU X1a 7″ Tablet A33, iRulu X1s HD TFT Display 7 inch, iRulu 7 inch X7/ New eXpro X1 7
JYJ 7 Inch Android Google Tablet PC 4.2.2 8GB 512MB DDR3 A2(Not fits JYJ M7202), JINYJIA 7 Inch Android Google Tablet PC
Kocaso: M752WH 7 In 4 GB Tablet, M752SL 7 In 4 GB Tablet, M752BL 7 In 8 GB Tablet, M752 7in Android 4.0
Lalbay 7 inch Android Tablet, LENOTAB 7, Leliktec 7″ inch A13
Matricom Tab Nero 7″, Matricom G-Tab Nero CX2, Megafeis M700
NeuTab N7/ N7 Pro 7″(Does Not Fit NeuTab I7/ X7 7″), NeuTab N7S Pro 7, Nationite QX7 7.0 Tablet, Noria Jr,T2
Omgar 7 inch 16GB Tablet PC, Osgar Ultrathin 7 inch, OPERO 7″ Tablet
Portworld 7-Inch Allwinner A13 Q88, ProntoTec 7″ Y88 /ProntoTec Axius Series Q9/Q9S 7 Inch, Pugo Top P7 Tablet 7 Inch, Rotor 7″ A9
Simbans 7 Inch S71P, Simbans 7 Inch S71B, Simbans 7 Inch S71R, Simbans S73R 7 Inch, Simbans S73P 7 Inch Tablet Tagital T7X 7″, Toosell Allwinner A33 7″, Tonor 7 inch Tablet, Weize 7″ A13, Trimeo TM 7″ Quad Core 8GB 2015 Model, Trimeo Duo 7 inch Bluetooth Tablet PC
Vuru T2 7″/ Vuru JR. 8GB 7″ Tablet
Yuntab 7″ Q88, 8GB Y88 Allwinner A33 7 Inch Tablet PC
Zeepad 7.0 (Not Fits Zeepad 7A20 or 7XN)

Note: NOT fits Amazon 7″ tablets and other 7″ tablets that not mentioned above.

  • Designed for specific 7 inch tablets (please compare the Camera and Speaker Position with our picture) including JYJ 7 Inch Android Google Tablet PC, Dragon Touch Y88X Plus / Y88X / Y88 / Q88 7 Inch, Yuntab 8GB Y88 Allwinner A33 7 Inch, Alldaymall A88X / A88S 7 Inch, Zeepad, NeuTab N7 Pro 7, etc. (More compatible tablets, please check below Product Description)
  • Constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate and double-enforced with a shock absorbing silicone inner-sleeve. Corners feature double-thick silicone for outstanding protection against drops and other impacts.
  • Fun Driven Covertible Stand Case Can Change in To A Handle for Easy Handling and Carrying Around (School/Home).
  • Raised screen bezel Edges for Extra Protection When Fall / Cut out and Openings for Buttons Controls and Cameras.
  • Lifetime warranty. Please search “MoKo JYJ 7 Inch” for other accessories offered by BSCstore.