TECHGEAR® – OTG USB Adapter Cable for Toshiba Encore 8 Inch Tablets – On The Go Micro USB to Female USB Adapter


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With this Host OTG cable, it lets your device connect to most USB Flash Drives, Mouse & Keyboards. Please note that some of them may not be compatible.

You can connect this to your external harddisk, but please make sure that you have external power source for the harddisk. Last but not least, it also work with non-power hungry card reader.

Please make sure that all external storage devices are formatted in FAT32, not NTFS or FAT, otherwise they won’t be detected by your tablet

  • Can use for Toshiba Encore Tablets
  • Connect to most USB Flash Drives, Mouse & Keyboards
  • Good quality USB cable
  • This item is exclusive to TECHGEAR SOLUTIONS