The Best Things To Do With An Tablet

Your tablet can do many things for you. Use a Bluetooth keyboard, and it becomes a netbook that is good for light productivity applications. Hook up a joystick and it is like a gaming console. You can even use it in the office to video conference with employees or customers. These tips help bring out the best in your tablet.

The iOS on the tablet now supports folders. To begin, tap and hold your finger on an app until it starts jiggling, drag that app on top of another icon, and then let it go. Doing so creates a folder containing both of these apps. If you don’t like the label, you can rename the folder.

You can access all of your running apps on your tablet. To see what you have running, just double-click the Home button. The apps will show up on the bar at the bottom of the screen. To navigate quickly to another running app, simply tap it. Make this bar disappear by making a downward swipe on your screen.

You may need to reboot the tablet with a soft reset if it freezes. Just hold Home and Sleep at the same time for about a minute. This will cause the tablet to restart. If you wish for an app to be forcefully closed, hold your home button down for a couple of seconds.

Did you accidentally start a noisy app? Mute your tablet in an emergency by holding down the volume button. If you need it often, you can set it up so your lock button can also work as a button mute the tablet.

No matter if you want to connect with people, play games or study, you can do these and so many other things on your tablet. It just takes the right knowledge of how the tablet can be used, such as the advice here, to get it ready for use. Take the knowledge from here and make it work for you.