Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Android’s Capabilities

The tablet offers a lot to everyone. If you connect a keyboard, it becomes a word processor. Transform it into a gaming system by installing a joystick. Add an appropriate application, and you can do video conferencing. The tips below will help you make your tablet what you need it to be and more.

When you use your tablet for listening to music, playing games, or streaming movies, your battery life will be significantly decreased. Lowering the brightness on the screen can prolong the life of the battery. You will probably find that you do not need to use the brightest possible setting to enjoy your tablet.

Are you frustrated with your tablet because it wants you to join every wifi network it detects? By going into your settings, you can choose to turn off this feature. Select that tab that says “Wi-Fi” and choose the option that is last on the page. This will stop you from getting prompts.

You can view the apps running on your tablet. Many of the Android’s apps can run in the background while you do other things. Click your Home button twice to get the view of all apps that are open. This will show you the current apps at the bottom. Swipe downwards to remove the bar from sight when you’re finished.

Did you accidentally launch an app that makes a lot of noise? To quickly mute the Android’s volume, just hold down the volume button. If you find you are in need of the mute function often, you can configure your Android’s lock button to work as a full-time mute button.

When you stay with Android’s default settings, you will see the first two lines of every email prior to making your selection. You may want to have more text available to preview. Go to the Settings and then tap on Mail. Select Contacts under Mail, then select Calendar to alter the options for additional lines in Preview mail.

Your tablet is able to do many different things, such as gaming and chatting. It just requires you know how to use the tablet, so use the advice in this article and get ready to use it. Enjoy these tips and your tablet.