Universal PSU Mains Adapter Charger including mains lead (AC power cord): for 18.5v, 19v, 19,5v, 20v, 90W, 65W, 60W, 45W, 40W HP Compaq Hewlett Packard laptop / netbook / notebook / tablet [Beats, ChromeBook, EliteBook, ENTERTAINMENT, ENVY, ENVY Pro, MINI, MINIBOOK, MOBILE, OMNIBOOK, Part No., Pavilion, Pavilion Chromebook, Pavilion Convertible, Pavilion Detachable, Pavilion TouchSmart, PRESARIO, PROBOOK, Revolve, SlateBook, Spectre, Spectre Ultrabook, Split, Stream, VISIONBOOK, Zbook] UKHP56


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Now available with a new right-angled (90°) connector that reduces cable stress and 5 interchangeable tips

– 90W 4.7A (work for 1.58A, 3A, 3.42A, 3.95A as well)
– Work with all 18v-20v Hewlett Packard laptop, netbook, notebook or tablet***
– Compatible Mains Adapter
– Figure 8, UK power cord included
– Whole unit length: Approx 280cm
– AC power cord length: 100cm
– 5 interchangeable tips included
– BSI and CE certified

To check compatibility, ask the following questions:

– Is your HEWLETT PACKARD laptop/ old adapter 18v, 18,5v, 19v, 19,5v, or 20v?
– Is your HEWLETT PACKARD laptop/ old adapter is less or equal to 4.7A / or is less or equal to 90W (for example 3,6a and 90W) ?

If you answer YES to all these 2 questions then this is the adapter with the correct specifications for your laptop.

  • For, all, HP, COMPAQ, laptop, incl, 17-e105sa, (F5C74EA), 17-e153ea, (F9T29EA), 17-e153sa, (F7R63EA), 17-f000, 17-f000na, (J1S03EA), 17-f002na, 17-f002na, (J1S05EA#ABU), 17-f010na, (J0D61EA), 17-f012na, (J5B79EA#ABU), 17-f085na, (J6Y60EA), 17-f085sa, (J5B89EA), 17-f100, 17-f105na, 18.5V, 19V, 2010NR, 311-1000, 311-1027T, 6510B, 6530S, ARTIST, DM1, DM3T, DM4T, DV, 1101AP, DV, 1102AP, DV1000T, DV1001AP, DV1001XX, DV1002AP, DV1002XX, DV1003AP, DV1004AP, DV1005AP, DV1005EA, DV1006AP, DV1006EA,
  • DV6-3032ET, DV6-3032NR, DV6-3032SA, DV6-3032TX, DV6-3033CL, DV6-3033EL, DV6-3033HE, DV6-3033SA, DV6-3033SS, DV6-3033TX, DV6-3034CA, DV6-3034NR, DV6-3034SL, DV6-3034SS, DV6-3034TX, DV6-3035EC, DV6-3035ER, DV6-3035ES, DV6-3035ET, DV6-3035SA, DV6-3035SK, DV6-3035SL, DV6-3035TX, DV6-3036ES, DV6-3036TX, DV6-3037CA, DV6-3037NR, DV6-3037SB, DV6-3037TX, DV6-3038CA, DV6-3038SS, DV6-3038TX, DV6-3039TX, DV6303EU, DV6303TU, DV6303TX, DV6-3040CA, DV6-3040EC, DV6-3040EE, DV6-3040EJ, DV6-3040EO,
  • CQ62-A01SV, CQ62-A02SG, CQ62-A03SG, CQ62-A04SG, CQ62-A10SB, CQ62-A10SD, CQ62-A10SM, CQ62-A10SO, CQ62-A10SQ, CQ62-A10SY, CQ62-A20EC, CQ62-A20SM, CQ62-A20SS, CQ62-A22EO, CQ62-A40SB, CQ62-A50SH, CQ62-A60SH, CQ62-A65SA, CQ70-102TU, CQ70-103EF, CQ70-105EF, CQ70-110EB, CQ70-115EO, CQ70-118NR, CQ70-120EO, CQ70-120ES, CQ70-120US, CQ70-158EZ, CQ70-201TX, CQ70-210EB, CQ70-210ED, CQ70-220EB, CQ70-220EM, CQ70-253EG, CQ71-115SF, CQ71-200SO, CQ71-203EO, CQ71-203SF, CQ71-210ER, CQ71-210SA,
  • CQ60-213EF, CQ60-213EM, CQ60-214DX, CQ60-214EF, CQ60-214EM, CQ60-214TU, CQ60-214TX, CQ60-215DX, CQ60-215EE, CQ60-215EF, CQ60-215EG, CQ60-215EI, CQ60-215EM, CQ60-215EN, CQ60-215EP, CQ60-215ER, CQ60-215ES, CQ60-215TU, CQ60-216DX, CQ60-216EF, CQ60-216EM, CQ60-216EO, CQ60-216TU, CQ60-216TX, CQ60-217EF, CQ60-217EL, CQ60-217EM, CQ60-218CA, CQ60-218EA, CQ60-218EM, CQ60-218TU, CQ60-218TX, CQ60-219EA, CQ60-219TU, CQ60-220EC, CQ60-220EG, CQ60-220EJ, CQ60-220EK, CQ60-220EL, CQ60-220EO,
  • DV7-1107EM, DV7-1107TX, DV7-1110EL, DV7-1110EN, DV7-1110EO, DV7-1110ES, DV7-1112EG, DV7-1115EB, DV7-1115EF, DV7-1115EG, DV7-1115EO, DV7-1115EZ, DV7-1116EF, DV7-1117EF, DV7-1117EM, DV7-1120EB, DV7-1120ED, DV7-1120EG, DV7-1120EL, DV7-1120EM, DV7-1123EF, DV7-1123EG, DV7-1125EA, DV7-1125EB, DV7-1125EF, DV7-1126EL, DV7-1127EO, DV7-1128CA, DV7-1128EO, DV7-1128EZ, DV7-1130ED, DV7-1130EI, DV7-1130EL, DV7-1130EN, DV7-1130EO, DV7-1130EV, DV7-1132EG, DV7-1134US, DV7-1135EA, DV7-1137US,