Universal PSU Mains Adapter Charger including mains lead (AC power cord): for 18.5v, 19v, 19,5v, 20v, 90W, 65W, 60W, 45W, 40W HP Compaq Hewlett Packard laptop / netbook / notebook / tablet [Beats, ChromeBook, EliteBook, ENTERTAINMENT, ENVY, ENVY Pro, MINI, MINIBOOK, MOBILE, OMNIBOOK, Part No., Pavilion, Pavilion Chromebook, Pavilion Convertible, Pavilion Detachable, Pavilion TouchSmart, PRESARIO, PROBOOK, Revolve, SlateBook, Spectre, Spectre Ultrabook, Split, Stream, VISIONBOOK, Zbook] UKHP5


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Now available with a new right-angled (90°) connector that reduces cable stress and 5 interchangeable tips

– 90W 4.7A (work for 1.58A, 3A, 3.42A, 3.95A as well)
– Work with all 18v-20v Hewlett Packard laptop, netbook, notebook or tablet***
– Compatible Mains Adapter
– Figure 8, UK power cord included
– Whole unit length: Approx 280cm
– AC power cord length: 100cm
– 5 interchangeable tips included
– BSI and CE certified

To check compatibility, ask the following questions:

– Is your HEWLETT PACKARD laptop/ old adapter 18v, 18,5v, 19v, 19,5v, or 20v?
– Is your HEWLETT PACKARD laptop/ old adapter is less or equal to 4.7A / or is less or equal to 90W (for example 3,6a and 90W) ?

If you answer YES to all these 2 questions then this is the adapter with the correct specifications for your laptop.

  • For, all, HP, COMPAQ, laptop, incl, 15-j151sa, (J2E80EA), 15-j186na, (J2T71EA), 15-k000, 15-k100, 15T, 17-17, 17-17-1000, CTO, 17-17-1001TX, 17-17-1001XX, 17-17-1002TX, 17-17-1003TX, 17-17-1003XX, 17-17-1004TX, 17-17-1006TX, 17-17-1007TX, 17-17-1008TX, 17-17-1009TX, 17-17-1010EG, 17-17-1010EL,
  • DV5-1004AX, DV5-1004NR, DV5-1004TU, DV5-1004TX, DV5-1005AX, DV5-1005EF, DV5-1005EG, DV5-1005EL, DV5-1005EM, DV5-1005ET, DV5-1005TU, DV5-1005TX, DV5-1006AX, DV5-1006ET, DV5-1006TU, DV5-1006TX, DV5-1007AX, DV5-1007CA, DV5-1007CL, DV5-1007EF, DV5-1007EL, DV5-1007TU, DV5-1007TX, DV5-1008AX, DV5-1008CA, DV5-1008EA, DV5-1008EL, DV5-1008TU, DV5-1008TX, DV5-1009AX, DV5-1009EA, DV5-1009TX, DV5-1010AX, DV5-1010EA, DV5-1010EC, DV5-1010EF, DV5-1010EG, DV5-1010EL, DV5-1010EN, DV5-1010ET,
  • DV7-3016EO, DV7-3017EZ, DV7-3017SO, DV7-3020EA, DV7-3020EB, DV7-3020ED, DV7-3020EG, DV7-3020EL, DV7-3020EN, DV7-3020ES, DV7-3020ET, DV7-3020EW, DV7-3020SA, DV7-3021EA, DV7-3021EO, DV7-3024CA, DV7-3025SF, DV7-3025SS, DV7-3028CA, DV7-3030EB, DV7-3030ED, DV7-3030EG, DV7-3030EO, DV7-3030EW, DV7-3030SF, DV7-3036EZ, DV7-3039EZ, DV7-3040EV, DV7-3048CA, DV7-3050EB, DV7-3050EC, DV7-3050EG, DV7-3050ER, DV7-3051XX, DV7-3056EZ, DV7-3057NR, DV7-3060CA, DV7-3060EO, DV7-3060SB, DV7-3060US,
  • 2816KR, 2816TC, 2817AR, 2817EA, 2817FR, 2817KR, 2817TC, 2818AP, 2818FR, 2818KR, 2818TC, 2819AP, 2819TC, 2820AP, 2820AU, 2820EA, 2820SC, 2820TC, 2821AP, 2821AU, 2821DE, 2821EA, 2821SC, 2821TC, 2822AP, 2822EA, 2822TC, 2823AP, 2823AU, 2823TC, 2824AP, 2824TC, 2825AP, 2825EA, 2825TC, 2826AP, 2826EA, 2826TC, 2827AP, 2827TC, 2828AP, 2828TC, 2829AP, 2829TC, 15-E039SG, 15-E040SA, 15-E042SA, 15-E043CL, 15-E043SA, 15-E044SA, 15-E045SA, 15-E046SA, 15-E047SA, 15-E049SF, 15-E050EA, 15-E050SA, 15-E050SF,
  • S87, STROMVERSORGUNG, T2310, T64, TABLET, TC1000, TC1100, TC4400, TX1000, TX2-, TX2000, TX2-1277NR, UNPS2, V1100, V2000Z, V2030US, V2100, V2200, V2300, V2400, V2405US, V2410US, V2424NR, V2500, V2508WM, V2552US, V2555US, V2600, V2700, V2718WM, V300, V3000, V3000-V5000, V3015NR, V3030US, V3200, V3300, V3400, V3500, V3600, V3700, V3800, V3812AU, V3812TU, 14-B039TU, 14-B040TU, 14-B041TU, 14-B042TU, 14-B043TU, 14-B044TU, 14-B045TU, 14-B050LA, 14-B050XX, 14-B060BR, 14-B060LA, 14-B061LA,