Universal PSU Mains Adapter Charger including mains lead (AC power cord): for 18.5v, 19v, 19,5v, 20v, 90W, 65W, 60W, 45W, 40W HP Compaq Hewlett Packard laptop / netbook / notebook / tablet [Beats, ChromeBook, EliteBook, ENTERTAINMENT, ENVY, ENVY Pro, MINI, MINIBOOK, MOBILE, OMNIBOOK, Part No., Pavilion, Pavilion Chromebook, Pavilion Convertible, Pavilion Detachable, Pavilion TouchSmart, PRESARIO, PROBOOK, Revolve, SlateBook, Spectre, Spectre Ultrabook, Split, Stream, VISIONBOOK, Zbook] UKHP66


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Now available with a new right-angled (90°) connector that reduces cable stress and 5 interchangeable tips

– 90W 4.7A (work for 1.58A, 3A, 3.42A, 3.95A as well)
– Work with all 18v-20v Hewlett Packard laptop, netbook, notebook or tablet***
– Compatible Mains Adapter
– Figure 8, UK power cord included
– Whole unit length: Approx 280cm
– AC power cord length: 100cm
– 5 interchangeable tips included
– BSI and CE certified

To check compatibility, ask the following questions:

– Is your HEWLETT PACKARD laptop/ old adapter 18v, 18,5v, 19v, 19,5v, or 20v?
– Is your HEWLETT PACKARD laptop/ old adapter is less or equal to 4.7A / or is less or equal to 90W (for example 3,6a and 90W) ?

If you answer YES to all these 2 questions then this is the adapter with the correct specifications for your laptop.

  • For, all, HP, COMPAQ, laptop, incl, DV1617TS, DV1618EA, DV1618TN, DV1618TS, DV1619EA, DV1619TN, DV1619TS, DV1620EA, DV1620TN, DV1620TS, DV1620US, DV1621EA, DV1621TN, DV1621TS, DV1622EA, DV1622NR, DV1622TN, DV1622TS, DV1623EA, DV1623TN, DV1623TS, DV1624NR, DV1624TN, DV1624TS, DV1625LA, DV1625TN, DV1625TS, DV1626TN, DV1626TS, DV1627TN, DV1627TS, DV1628TN, DV1629TN, DV1629US, DV1630TN, DV1631TN, DV1632TN, DV1633TN, DV1634TN,
  • DV6390EU, DV6391EA, DV6391EU, DV6395EA, DV6396EA, DV6397EA, DV6399XX, DV6400, DV6400A, DV6401CA, DV6401EO, DV6401TU, DV6401TX, DV6401XX, DV6402CA, DV6402TU, DV6402TX, DV6402XX, DV6403CL, DV6403TU, DV6403TX, DV6404CA, DV6404TU, DV6404TX, DV6405CA, DV6405EF, DV6405EO, DV6405TX, DV6405US, DV6406CA, DV6406NR, DV6406TX, DV6407NR, DV6407TX, DV6408CA, DV6408EZ, DV6408NR, DV6408TX, DV6409CA,
  • 455, 510, 630, 631, 635, 636, 650, 1900, 9005, 9010, 61240, 101880, 101898, 120765, 146594, 239704, 1120765, 1159224, 1387661, 05C1, 08H2, 1040US, 1050V, 105EA, 105SA, 1070CA, 107SA, 110SA, 1140US, 1160US, 130SA, 2057SB, 210US, 2150CA, 239705-1, 240, G2, 242, G1, 245, G2,
  • CQ70-130ED, CQ70-130EG, CQ70-130EO, CQ70-134CA, CQ70-135EO, CQ70-140, CQ70-140ED, CQ70-140EG, CQ70-150EG, CQ70-150ER, CQ70-200, CQ70-200ED, CQ70-202TX, CQ70-203TX, CQ70-205ED, CQ70-205EE, CQ70-205EF, CQ70-205EM, CQ70-206EF, CQ70-207EF, CQ70-208, CQ70-208EF, CQ70-209EM, CQ70-210EF, CQ70-210EM, CQ70-211, CQ70-211EM, CQ70-212ER, CQ70-214EM, CQ70-215EM, CQ70-215EO, CQ70-215ER, CQ70-225EF, CQ70-230EL, CQ70-230EO, CQ70-235EZ, CQ70-237EZ, CQ70-240EL, CQ70-240ES, CQ70-240EV,
  • DV3-2007TU, DV3-2007TX, DV3-2008TU, DV3-2008TX, DV3-2009TX, DV3-2010EL, DV3-2010ET, DV3-2010TX, DV3-2011TX, DV3-2012TX, DV3-2013TX, DV3-2014TX, DV3-2015EE, DV3-2015TX, DV3-2016TX, DV3-2017EE, DV3-2017TX, DV3-2018TX, DV3-2019TX, DV3-2020EI, DV3-2020EL, DV3-2020ET, DV3-2020TX, DV3-2021TX, DV3-2022TX, DV3-2023TX, DV3-2024TX, DV3-2025EE, DV3-2025TX, DV3-2026TX, DV3-2027EE, DV3-2027TX,