Universal PSU Mains Adapter Charger including mains lead (AC power cord): for 18.5v, 19v, 19,5v, 20v, 90W, 65W, 60W, 45W, 40W HP Compaq Hewlett Packard laptop / netbook / notebook / tablet [Beats, ChromeBook, EliteBook, ENTERTAINMENT, ENVY, ENVY Pro, MINI, MINIBOOK, MOBILE, OMNIBOOK, Part No., Pavilion, Pavilion Chromebook, Pavilion Convertible, Pavilion Detachable, Pavilion TouchSmart, PRESARIO, PROBOOK, Revolve, SlateBook, Spectre, Spectre Ultrabook, Split, Stream, VISIONBOOK, Zbook] UKHP34


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Now available with a new right-angled (90°) connector that reduces cable stress and 5 interchangeable tips

– 90W 4.7A (work for 1.58A, 3A, 3.42A, 3.95A as well)
– Work with all 18v-20v Hewlett Packard laptop, netbook, notebook or tablet***
– Compatible Mains Adapter
– Figure 8, UK power cord included
– Whole unit length: Approx 280cm
– AC power cord length: 100cm
– 5 interchangeable tips included
– BSI and CE certified

To check compatibility, ask the following questions:

– Is your HEWLETT PACKARD laptop/ old adapter 18v, 18,5v, 19v, 19,5v, or 20v?
– Is your HEWLETT PACKARD laptop/ old adapter is less or equal to 4.7A / or is less or equal to 90W (for example 3,6a and 90W) ?

If you answer YES to all these 2 questions then this is the adapter with the correct specifications for your laptop.

  • For, all, HP, COMPAQ, laptop, incl, 210-1080EF, 210-1080NR, 210-1080SF, 210-1081NR, 210-1082TU, 210-1083CA, 210-1083TU, 210-1084NR, 210-1084TU, 210-1085NR, 210-1085TU, 210-1087NR, 210-1089TU, 210-1090CA, 210-1090EB, 210-1090EF, 210-1090NR, 210-1090SF, 210-1090TU, 210-1091NR, 210-1092DX, 210-1092TU, 210-1094NR, 210-1095CA, 210-1095NR, 210-1095TU, 210-1096TU, 210-1097NR, 210-1097TU, 210-1098EH, 210-1098EI, 210-1098SE, 210-1098TU, 210-1099EA, 210-1099EC, 210-1099ED,
  • DV6159EU, DV6160EA, DV6160EU, DV6161EA, DV6161EU, DV6165CL, DV6165EA, DV6165EU, DV6166EA, DV6167EA, DV6169EA, DV6170EA, DV6171EA, DV6173EA, DV6179EA, DV6182EU, DV6183EA, DV6184EU, DV6185EA, DV6186EU, DV6187EA, DV6187EU, DV6188EA, DV6189EU, DV6190EU, DV6191EU, DV6195EA, DV6197EA, DV6199XX, DV6-2000DV6-2000, DV6-2000SL, DV6-2000ST, DV6-2001AU, DV6-2001TX, DV6-2001XX, DV6-2003TX, DV6-2004SL, DV6-2005AU, DV6-2005AX, DV6-2005SL,
  • G4-1340tx, G4-1342tx, G4-1345tx, G4-1346tx, G4-1347tx, G4-1351tx, G4-1352tx, G4-1353tx, G4-1357tx, G4-1360tx, G4-1361tx, G4-1362tx, G4-1364la, G4-1386la, G4-1387la, G4-2001ax, G4-2002tx, G4-2003ax, G4-2004ax, G4-2006ax, G4-2007ax, G4-2008tx, G4-2009tx, G4-2011tx, G4-2012tx, G4-2013tx, G4-2014tx, G4-2015tx, G4-2016tx, G4-2017tx, G4-2018tx, G4-2019tx, G4-2020tx, G4-2022tx, G4-2023tx, G4-2026tx, G4-2028tx, G4-2029tx, G4-2034tx, G4-2040tx,
  • CF57-205SO, CNF, COMPAQ, COMPAQ409515, CP03, CP03/90, CP045013, CQ, CQ10-101SA, CQ10-400EJ, CQ20, CQ20, 213TU, CQ20, 411TU, CQ35, CQ35, 207TU, CQ35, 216TU, CQ35, 309TU, CQ35, 312TU, CQ35-101TX, CQ35-102TU, CQ35-102TX, CQ35-103TU, CQ35-103TX, CQ35-104TU, CQ35-104TX, CQ35-105TU, CQ35-105TX, CQ35-106TU, CQ35-106TX, CQ35-107TU, CQ35-107TX, CQ35-108TU, CQ35-108TX, CQ35-109TU, CQ35-109TX, CQ35-110TU, CQ35-110TX, CQ35-111TU, CQ35-111TX, CQ35-112TU,
  • 1525EA, 1525US, 1527EA, 1528AP, 1528CL, 1530D, 1530DM-1535DM-1540DM, 1530SC, 1531AP, 1532AP, 1535AP, 1536AP, 1538AP, 1540AP, 1545AP, 1550AP, 1550DM-1550DMT, 1555AP, 1560DM, 1565AP, 1568AP, 1570AP, 1571DM-1573DM-1580DMT, 1572AP, 1575AP, 1580AP, 1580DT, 1585DMT, 158EZ, 1590DM, 1590DMT, 159224-001, 159224-002, 1592DMT, 1598DMT, 15-a003ea, (F9S96EA), 15-a003sa, (F7S05EA), 15-h000, 15-h000na, (J0D28EA), 15-h000sa, (F5D92EA), 15-h010na, (J5B05EA), 15-h011ea, (G3M83EA),