Universal PSU Mains Adapter Charger including mains lead (AC power cord): for 18,5v, 19v, 19,5v, 20v, 45W, 60W, 65W, 90W DELL laptop / netbook / notebook / tablet [Alienware, AUTO AIR, INSPIRON, LAN, Latitude, Mini, PRECISION, Studio, Studio XPS, Ultrabook XPS, Vostro, XPS] UKDELL6


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Now available with a new right-angled (90°) connector that reduces cable stress and 5 interchangeable tips

– 90W 4.7A (work for 1.58A, 3A, 3.42A, 3.95A as well)
– Work with all 18,5v-20v Dell laptop, netbook, notebook or tablet (Except 12V tablet !!) ***
– Compatible Mains Adapter
– UK power cord included
– Whole unit length: Approx 270cm
– AC power cord length: 80cm
– 5 interchangeable tips included
– BSI and CE certified

To check compatibility, ask the following questions:

– Is your Dell laptop/ old adapter 18,5v, 19v, 19,5v, or 20v?
– Is your Dell laptop/ old adapter is less or equal to 4.7A / or is less or equal to 90W (for example 3,6a and 90W) ?

If you answer YES to all these 2 questions then this is the adapter with the correct specifications for your laptop.

  • For, all, DELL, 18,5v, 19v, 19,5v, 20v, 45W, 60W, 65W, 90W, laptop, Alienware, AUTO, AIR, INSPIRON, LAN, Latitude, Mini, PRECISION, Studio, Studio, XPS, Ultrabook, XPS, Vostro, XPS, 91-49V28-002, 928G4, AA22850, AA228850, AA2850, AC2, Adamo-13-A13-050B, Adamo-Onyx-Pearl, ADP-50SB-REV-C, ADP-60NH, ADP64, ADP-65AH-B, ADP65db, ADP-65DB, ADP-65DB-B,
  • M5040, M5110, Mini-1110, N3010, N301Z, N311z, N4020, N4030, N4050, N4120, N5040, N5050, N5110, OCTAGONAL, PA12, PA21, PA-21, PA-2E, PP04S, PP05L, PP10L, PP12L, PP19L-PP28L, PP23LA, X300, XPS-M1330, 1318, 300M, 500M, 505M, 17, 971, 1150, 1330, 1410, 1420, 1421, 1464, 1500, 1521, 1526, 1700, 1710, 1720, ADP-65HB-AD, ADP-65JB, ADP-65JB-B-450-10484, ADP-65JB-B-CF745, ADP65JH-DB, ADP-65TH, ADP-75FB
  • 9364U-OR334, ADP-70BB, OR334, PA1, PA-1, PA-1-PA1, PA2, PA-2-PA2, PA-4, PA-6, PA-6-PA6, PA6-PA-8, PA8, PA-8-PA8, SMART-PC-100N, 1093, 1461, 2993, 8150, 05D/ADL09, 06G356, 09R733, 310-1093, 310-1461, 310-1650, 310-2993, 3K360, 3K360/9R733/ADP, 6G356, 90FB/P/N, 9R733, DPN-6C3W2, LA90PM130, PA_10, PA_9, PA-1900/PA-1900, PA-1900-05D, PA-8, PA9, PA-9-PA9, PP04L, PRECISION, Alienware-M11-M11x, M11x,
  • 450-11252, 450-11285, 450-11543, 450-11665, 450-11745, 450-11777, 450-11861, 450-12043, 450-12056, 450-14950, 450-18143, 90VH, AA22850-L, ADP-90AH, ADP-90VH-B, ADP-90VH-D, ADP-90VHA, B-C8023, C120H, C440H, C9551, CF820, CF823, CF825, CF878, CF989, CM889, D094H, DA90PE0-00, DA90PE1-00, DA90PE3-00, DA90PS0-00, DA90PS1-00, DA90PS2-00, DF266, DF349, DF398, E1505-E1705, EA90PE1, EA90PE1-00, FA90PE1, FA90PE1-00, FA90PS0-00, FF313,
  • LC.ADT01.003, LC.T2801.006, LC-ADT01.003, LC-ADT01-003, LC-T2801-006, LSE9802A2060, M582J, M585J, MK911, N18951, N2765, N2768, N560J, N566J, N6M8J, NF642, NX061, P-12, P9755F, P975F, PA-12, PA-12-PA12,