Using Your Tablet For Home Or Business Use

The tablet is deceptive in its apparent simplicity. You simply need to press the screen, put an app on the device and start, right? So many more functions are available and the following article will help touch on a few of the best and most efficient.

You can get to all of your active apps easily on your tablet. By double-clicking on your Home button, you will see every running app in a bar near the bottom of the screen. To switch between apps, just tap the one you want to access. To take the bar away, just do a downward swipe on your screen.

You can view the apps running on your tablet. Many of the apps the tablet runs are able to stay in the background when you’re doing other things. If you would like to view the current apps that are running, double click the Home icon. A bar will appear that shows all apps running on the system. Press the Home button again or swipe down to clear the bar.

When surfing, use tabs. If you are using Safari, you can access this feature by tapping on a link and holding your finger there for a couple seconds till a menu of options appears. In this menu, you’ll be able to get links opened in new tabs.

Considering your tablet is quite a big investment, you must care for it properly. Install a screen protector. These thin sheets of plastic provide extra protection for your Android’s screen. When cleaning an tablet screen. try using a very soft cloth that is barely dampened with water. Do not use chemical products to clean your tablet.

It is easy to quickly mute your tablet. Originally, the mute button was not on an tablet. With the iOS 4.3, you can now use the lock switch to mute the sound. On a current tablet, simply press the volume down button and hold it.

If you want to let your children use your tablet, you need to adjust the parental settings to block mature content. Under the settings function, simply limit the mature content that can be viewed. This blocks anything that is for a mature audience.

You will find even more uses for your tablet as you learn more about this device. Improved performance and increased productivity can be yours with the simple suggestions in the following article. You can use your tablet for a lot of different tasks if you are familiar with all its features.