VIBOX Super Sonic-Turbo 8 – Extreme Performance, Gaming PC, Ultimate Spec, Desktop PC USB3.0 Computer with WarThunder Game Bundle Including 64Bit Windows 10 PLUS a Lifetime Warranty Included* (New 4.4GHz Intel, I5 6600K Fast Quad-Core, Skylake, Advanced, Processor, 2GB nVidia Geforce GTX 960 Graphics Card, 120GB SSD Solid State Drive, Big 2TB Hard Drive, Corsair CX750M Gaming PSU, Corsair H80i Water CPU Cooler, Z170 SKT1151 Motherboard, Blu-Ray ROM, 8GB 2800MHz RAM)


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The Vibox Super Sonic Turbo, really is the highest spec PC from top to bottom, perfect for any serious gamer that’s looking to combine the latest, i5 Skylake Quad-Core CPU and one of the most powerful dedicated graphics card on the market enabling you to dominate all the latest video games on the market on their maximum quality settings.

Whether you use your PC only for hardcore gaming, or everyday use such as producing spreadsheets, browsing the web, watching movies, or all these COMBINED, the most important issue for most people is POWER & SPEED! This PC with the latest Intel i5 Skylake Quad-Core, processor technology inside, will cleverly multi task your running applications to make sure that more of them respond instantly. To give you even more speed when applications need it we have overclocked it to a lightning 4.4GHz so you’ll have one of the fastest PCs around!

What really sets this PC apart from the competition though is that we have combined a top brand Z170X USB3.0 motherboard with the recently released 2GB Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 dedicated graphics card to create a hyper-gaming machine containing only the very latest technologies performing to their fullest. This super advanced card will boost the system’s visual performance to a breathtaking level of crystal clear HD definition for ALL the latest games (on their max settings) and when video editing – even across multiple screens. Put simply, it’s by far the best graphics card you can get at this price.

Complete with the industry’s ONLY LIFETIME WARRANTY (see full terms), an exclusive game voucher worth £27, for the popular MMO game, WarThunder, 120GB SSD, Corsair CX750M high grade PSU, Corsair CPU water cooler, 300MBs Wifi card, a specialist gaming case, a Blu-Ray ROM, 8GB of 2800MHz DDR4 RAM (engineered to be superior for gaming than normal RAM), and a huge 2TB hard drive for all your files, this PC really has EVERYTHING you need both now and far into the future.

  • Overclocked 4.4GHz Intel i5 6600K Quad-Core, Processor
  • 8GB of DDR4 Elite 2800MHz RAM
  • 2000GB (2TB) SATA-III 7200rpm Hard Drive Storage Space + 120GB SSD
  • nVidia Geforce GTX 960 2GB Super Advanced Dedicated Graphics Card
  • Lifetime Evolution Warranty Included – Never Buy another PC ever again!